NEW ! Release of GBMC’s second eBook: “The Ultimate Survival Guide for Business in Japan” (by Philippe Huysveld)

Mercredi 27 Août 2014


This book is targeted at business executives of companies:
• approaching the Japanese Market,
• reviewing their options in terms of Japan Entry Strategy,
• already exporting to Japan (Indirect Sales) or,
• already established and doing business in Japan (Direct Sales).

In this book, we show:
• That the Japanese Market is a great market to approach and that, provided the right methodology and marketing mix, there are great opportunities to seize in the long-term for foreign (EU) companies.
• That it is necessary to get familiar with cross-cultural differences and to understand better your Japanese clients, their country, their culture and their business system.
• How to market your products or services in Japan (B2C and B2B Marketing Guidelines).
• Which Entry Strategies are available to foreign companies to choose from and guidelines for selection.


The eBook is available now for sale on the following e-commerce sites:

1) on LULU.COM using the following link:

2) on YOUSCRIBE.COM using the following link:

3) on AMAZON / Kindle (worldwide) using the following link

4) on KOBO Books using the following link:

5) on RAKUTEN Books using the following link:

A paper copy might be available in the future, if there is a demand for it.

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3) AMAZON / Kindle (worldwide):

4) KOBO:

5) on RAKUTEN Books using the following link:


Philippe Huysveld

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