Release of GBMC’s New Publication: “Europe Japan Industrial Relations 2015″

Lundi 19 Octobre 2015

“Europe Japan Industrial Relations 2015:

Working together for a better future”

by Philippe Huysveld and M. Motoko Huysveld, Septembre 2015

This report has been put together, gathering a lot of data and information from various types of sources and with different techniques, in order to draw attention to the ongoing cooperation between Japan and Europe. Not forgetting the decades of many trials and errors of working out how to work together better, efficiently and productively.

The Part I of the report puts the focus on the extent of the current cooperation taking place mainly in Europe (and to a lesser extent in Japan), while the Interviews (Part II) also highlights the historical background of these companies and organisations. As a whole, it is extensively illustrated by concrete examples and success stories.

As we close near to the opening of wider international trade relations due to the progress in the EU-Japan FTA/EPA negotiations, we also point out the possibilities of further cooperation in the future.

From a sectorial point of view, we focus mainly on the following key business domains: Transport Industries (such as: Aerospace, Railways and Automotive) as well as Energy and ICT/Electronics Industries.

We also introduce other important European sectors such as KETs (Key Enabling Technologies), Medical, Pharmaceuticals, Healthcare, Biotechnology, Textiles and Fibres, Chemicals, Plastics and Rubber, Foods, Steel, Glass and Metals, (Electrical) Machinery and Machine Tools. .

Finally, as to the Renewable Energy sector, GBMC has already published a full report about Renewable Energies in Japan (commissioned by the EU-Japan Centre for Industrial Cooperation), for which an update (including a second Part on Renewable Energies in Europe) is scheduled in 2016 by GBMC publications.

We hope it will make an interesting read, as well as being informative, giving you perhaps “fresh” ideas on how to expand your business or how to cooperate and work together in both Europe and Japan.

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Our Specificities are:

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